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Astrology jyotish

2769 Duluth Hwy,
Duluth, GA, 30096

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Astrology jyotish
Phone : (678) 920-6669

Welcome to the Jyotish Notes section.

In this section I would be sharing my experiences and expertise in Jyotish vidya (Vedic astrology).  My interest in Jyotish started when I was 20 years old. I have created a Jyotish study-circle, edited a Jyotish publication; written a book that never saw the light of publication, created and sold   Jyotish software in India, and coded a Jyotish related website ( now defunct)  that became extremely popular.  I have been off and on with Jyotish.

Pran Pratishthapana of the New Radha Krishna Temple and Community Center

Horoscope of the Community Center

It is customary in Jyotish vidya (Vedic astrology) for books to begin by invoking the name of God or the Planets as a part of  divine blessings.
We started finalizing these Jyotish pages around Janamastami 2015, coinciding with the Prana Prathistha (consecration) ceremony of the newly constructed Radha Krishna Temple and Community Center at Duluth, Georgia USA.