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Atlanta, GA, 30024

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For many years I have been jotting down in a traditional paper diary my own understanding of the imponderables that fascinate me for some queer reasons: self-inquiry, the truth and meaning of existence, the laws of science, the boundaries of human knowledge and a few more.

Once in a while I do share these   thoughts with few of my select friends equally interested in such topics -- though I do not claim expertise in any.
These blogs are open to discussion, but not open to any debate as there is no finality about my views. In fact, I have observed my views drastically changing over a period of time as newer facts emerge. Thus, many of these blogs may find contradictory views -one negating the other - as they unfold over a timeline. Additionally, I do not claim  expertise in any of the topics covered in these pages.

Furthermore, some of the references I have made might be erroneous as I have attributed those relying on my memory that is not very dependable.

These blog are more on the lines of   "Swantah Sukhaya" (For the joy of the self).
Notwithstanding, all friendly gestures are welcome.

Atlanta, GA, USA